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7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams!

Step 5: Relationships


Survey Summary: 9 Out of 10 People Report They Are  Very Happy With This 7 Step Course.

We are very grateful for those who took the time to complete our survey. Most people told us they intend to  become members. We are holding that intention with you and welcome all when the time is right for you.

The number one reason for not becoming a member is money. Several people wrote that the membership should be free. The membership program is not free because the material and resources available to the members cost money to develop and Manifest Mastermind is able to help many people as the financial resources grow.

Steps 1-3 offer guidance on manifesting money. Our members have several groups set up in the Private Community intending to manifest financial goals. In addition, everyone in the member network is holding the intentions each member including those intentions for increased financial good. Soon we will be reporting more of the success stories already being reported.

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Moving From Goal Definition To Goal Achievement

This is  Step 5 of the Manifest Mastermind Series: 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams.

For your convenience this is the index of all 7 Steps:

1. Defining Your Dreams and Desires
2. Gratitude
3. Blocks
4. Mastermind
5. Relationships
6. Wealth/ Finances
7. Health

Step 5:  How To Manifest Relationships That Allow You To Be Your Full Potential.

You have read this correctly and no we are not advocating
selfishness. We are guiding you on how to manifest your dreams and desires - All of them!

Here is the key point that most people never understand in their
entire lifetime:

Our happiness has everything to do with what we are thinking, saying and doing and has nothing to do with what another is thinking doing or saying.

Does this seem radical to you?

Let's look at some examples since they are often helpful in
bringing clarity to this.

How do you expect to love another if you do not love yourself? If
you have a less than positive opinion of yourself, lack clarity of
purpose, and do not have confidence in your ability to manifest
your dreams, do you expect another to have those thoughts about you?

What happens when you set out to prove to your spouse or
partner that you love them by doing something they want
you to do, but you really don't want to do?

You hide that dislike and begin to change your behavior. Changing
your behavior does not serve you if it is opposite who you really

Be careful with this one. There is a difference between changing
your nature and being courteous and considerate. We co-exist on
this planet and if we have difficulty "playing well with others, then your may be to live in a cabin deep in the wilderness away from civilization.


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yes Peace
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Unlock Your True Potential!




If you go into a relationship hoping to become a better person, find yourself, or have the other person help you become happier you are actually saying you are incomplete and you are looking to another person to complete you. This is why relationships fail.

Relationships are intended to help you achieve  your intended purpose for being here. Whether you stay in that relationship or let is go - depends on how it serves your purpose - your being.

For that to be, it is necessary for you to have a clear understanding of your purpose...why you are here on earth. Step 1 is intended to help you define your purpose.  Members receive a lot more guidance on this very important subject.

All of us are individual manifestations of the same Source energy. However, as detailed in Step 3, many of us block this perfect energy flow and in our society, some become threats to our freedom and liberty.

Until collective consciousness succeeds in removing these energy blocks, our individual responsibility is to know we are accountable for ourselves and move away from negative and destructive energy.

Where all of this becomes really challenging is where we have parents, children and others close to us who seem to be opposite of our intended being, opposite of Divine Love.

In this series we are able to introduce certain principles of Divine Relationships. Manifest Mastermind members have access to several relationship professionals and professionals trained to assist in the release and forgiveness of events that may have occurred with those who are closest to us.

Action Steps To Manifesting Relationships In Alignment With Your Being.....Your Source.

- Understand all who we come in contact with form a relationship.

- We can prepare ourselves to maintain our highest self in advance of all encounters.

- One of the Action Steps you are already working on is moving from judgment to gratitude. This is very helpful and it is important for you to continue you daily work on negative emotions as detailed in Step 3.

- Daily - intend to focus on being your pure potentiality. You have a better and more clear picture of that now, from the work on your source feelings in Step 1.

- Daily - intend to be the understanding that happiness is from within and not from what someone else does or says.

- Your interaction with another complements and possibly fuels the expansion of your higher self but is not a source of who you are.

- Cooperation and compassion are natural. However, actions deemed cooperative and compassionate are true if your being is cooperation and compassion.

- Acting to please another while being opposite of who you are only results in conflict for your highest self.

- We are not responsible for another. We recognize this is an area that gives many people conflict. We know personally it is easier to write this truth than "be" that truth at the time we are challenged. However, we also know when we focus on not becoming the same energy as the person we intend to help or guide we become stronger and the opposite is also true.

- If your intention is to find "the one" become the one you intend to find. This means you must have a very clear understanding of what you are "bringing to the relationship table" and why you are there to begin with.

- If you are with someone who is opposite or in conflict with your true self, it is important for you to honor your highest self and help another to understand your true feelings.

- This may mean you move onto what is best for your highest self and so be it. If not, then remaining in that place must also be what is best for your highest self.

- When conflicted about what to do or say, the answer is always within and is your clearest guidance on the question.

More Guidance On Step 5: Relationships

It is important to understand that as adults many of us have entered into relationships to end loneliness, bring love, serve the ego, end depression, improve sex lives, recover from a previous relationship, relieve boredom and more.

These are a list of needs that we anticipate being fulfilled. We should give this a bit more thought if our intent is a long term relationship. We are intended to enter a long term relationship
when both understand it is an opportunity for growth, to express our higher self and continually experience our expanding pure potentiality.

There will be difficulties on the physical plane. Embrace them as opportunities for growth consistent with your original intention for being in the relationship in the first place.

There is no time for viewing this person or any other person for that matter as the enemy. Having said this - there is no justification for allowing a continuation of abuse, physical harm
or threat.

Does all of this sound like it is in conflict with helping or serving others?

It is not. If it were, Manifest Mastermind would not exist at all. Its sole purpose is to bring the greatest good to the greatest number of people.

We know the better we become at allowing our highest self, the better we are as messengers and guides.

We also know it is your responsibility for what you do with this process.

These messages and resources we devote to the topic of relationships and we make no judgments they are here for you to manifest your dreams for the perfect relationship for you - if you chose to have one.

Your Progress on The 7 Steps:

At this point in this series you have accomplished the following:

- You completed your list of dreams and desires, know the intended feeling associated with the items on this list

- Completing your daily list of seven things you are grateful for.

- Identified your fears, worries and negative judgments and began using forgiveness, release and gratitude on a daily basis to dismiss each of those.

- Identified potential mastermind partners. We suggest you have this complete in one week from today.

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Congratulations !

You have taken the next step to manifesting (co-creating) your dreams. This confirms you understand the importance of directed action.

This is a process that will give you the intellectual foundation for co-creating the life you desire and a network of like-minded people for you to form mastermind alliances to help you  accelerate your progress.

Mastermind alliances are one of the most powerful manifesting resources you will experience. In fact much of the business model of Manifest Mastermind is a result of the mastermind partnership of Steve Pohlit and Brian Campbell.

We are holding the intention for you to experience the incredible energy and results of joining our members.

Your Responsibility....

Please understand this very important foundation guidance: what you are discovering works perfectly all the time without exception. It is up to you to do the Action Steps. You must follow this guidance for anything you really want.

Helping you get to and stay in the state of mind and energy where you know that what you want is already manifest and is in the process of showing up is the single minded purpose goal of Manifest Mastermind for you.

If You Continue Doing The Same Things Each Day, Then Your Life Is Very Predictable Including The Way You Feel! To Manifest Your Dreams, You Will Need To Change How You Think and Act!

If you continue thinking and doing the same things each day, the course of your life including the way you feel is actually no surprise. To manifest your dreams and desires involves changing
some things. We give you all the fundamentals in this 7 Part Course....FREE! That being the truth, consider these:

  • There is an intended purpose for your life.

  • You are intended to live the life of your dreams.

  • Manifest Mastermind is structured to guide you in transforming
    your life which is the requirement for you to manifest your dreams
    and desires. Manifest Mastermind was created because many people
    are challenged to achieve their dreams on their own.

  • Your participation in Manifest Mastermind will align you with
    like minded people with varying degrees of experience pursuing
    their own purpose.

  • You will find you are a guide to some and a follower of others.

  • Your degree of active involvement with the guidance and resources
    you receive is the basis for how fast you move from where you are
    now in your life to where you want to be.

  • You will connect with marvelous people who share a wide variety
    of life experiences including some who are experiencing phenomenal
    results personally and professionally. All members are on purpose
    to help others achieve their pure potentiality regardless of what
    their position in life is now.

  • You will soon know there are no limits to your intended reality.

We know you will be amazed at the experience you have with Manifest Mastermind and the difference it will make in your life and those particularly close to you.

The Single Minded Purpose of Our Manifest Mastermind Membership Program Is For You To Manifest Your Ever Expanding Dreams and Desires...And ....You Will By Following Our Process. It's The Law.... The Law of Attraction Coupled With The Power of The Mastermind.


Valuable Guidance Each Week:

Week 1:

Starting immediately with your enrollment you will receive the first Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process.  Our uniquely valuable guidance process is described more fully below.

Week one guidance starts with helping you clearly define your dreams. This is not some goal setting exercise. This is a process of no limit dream definition with a unique emphasis generally not talked about yet alone taught by other programs. This goes much further and deeper than the outline you received in the 7 Steps FREE Course.

You will  receive a recorded call of the mastermind call held by our professional coaches on this week's topic. Hear exactly how experienced leaders mastermind on the exact topics you are leaning.

Week 2 Through The First 7 Weeks:

Manifest Mastermind is an accelerated manifesting process where in the first 7 weeks you will receive the foundation materials you need to jump start manifesting your dreams. Following the foundation period, you will receive clarifying guidance materials twice each month and you will be able to participate in live teleconference calls that further guide your manifesting process.

Don't worry...if you are not able to attend the teleconference calls conducted by our manifestation experts, all will be recorded and you will receive a link to each recording for listening at your convenience.
Manifest Mastermind Private Membership Community

Each person joining Manifest Mastermind will be invited to the exclusive Manifest Mastermind Private Membership Community.

The energy in our Community is amazing. You will experience the benefit of having many hold the intentions of your dreams and desires. You will interact with all of our featured professionals and members. Join for free special purpose groups set up on topics related to money, your purpose, relationships and health.

Our Private Network Community has rapidly become the place to meet your future mastermind partners and further accelerate the manifestation of your dreams.


2 Mastermind Sessions Each Month

Join like - minded participants in a small group environment generally limited to less than 11 members.

Each session is facilitated by one of our professional coaches. You are not assigned. You select based on availability. Those who secure their position the earliest will likely secure their first choice of group leaders.

You membership allows you to select one group. You may change groups as slots become open and as new groups are formed.

Manifesting Mastermind group session topics will include:

  • Removing Limiting beliefs
  • Overcoming Addictions including: alcohol, drugs, smoking, eating, sex. work, people, more
  • Manifesting Financial Security
  • Experiencing your intended romantic relationships
  • Eliminating fear: ex. fear of public speaking, altitudes, new situations,
  • Consistently being healthy and growing younger
  • Manifesting peace and happiness no matter what events occur in your life.

You will  receive a recorded call of the mastermind call  should you not be able to make a scheduled session. However, this is a mastermind program and optimal results are more likely  with  active participation in the live meetings.

Preferred Member Scheduling For All Personal Counseling Sessions

Manifest Mastermind offers you an incredible line-up of professionals  with amazing skills to help you achieve your manifestation goals. There may be a point in time when you conclude it is best to schedule a private coaching session.

You can probably imagine, since we are bring you a number of the best and very unique professionals to help you, their availability is limited. However, we give all Bronze members second priority following gold members for booking private coaching sessions. This is huge advantage since it is likely only bronze or gold members can book private sessions.

Monthly Private Coaching:  One on One coaching is directly responsible for the decision to offer The Manifest Mastermind Process. 

Accelerate your manifesting results with direct coaching from the professional coach of your choice.

The results I personally achieved exceed anything I could have imagined. Refer to my personal testimonial on this page. In summary, I felt an immediate release of fears blocking my personal manifestation goals. Following my sessions, I noticed a nearly immediate positive shift in the progress of a number of business ventures that seemed to be stuck.  Steve Pohlit  11-2-08


A Continual Flow Of Complementary Articles, eBooks, Videos and Special Sessions Designed to Fuel Your Manifestation Results

The number of awesome articles, videos , pictures and more is growing rapidly each day.

Audios  of each Guidance Process Mastermind call is posted within days of the written material becoming available.

In our next message discover not only the importance of gratitude in the process of manifesting your dreams, but learn how to include gratitude in your daily life and further accelerate the manifesting your dreams.

Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process Explained:

  • Each Guidance Process has a specific theme with detailed written guidance based on Universal Laws found in countless resource materials. This material has been carefully condensed without any compromise in quality so you are able to quickly begin to realize
    the intended benefits of Manifest Mastermind.

  • Each theme is delivered to you in a sequence that is optimal timing so you are able to begin manifesting the life of your dreams as soon as possible.

  • You will always have Action Steps with the material you receive. Our Action Steps and support system make Manifest Mastermind unique from any other program of its kind anywhere.

  • You will receive all the detailed foundation tools and support you need to manifest your dream list in the first 37 days of your membership. Note: most people will need more time and guidance because we are replacing a lifetime of thought and behavior habits that have been limiting.

  • Our Manifest Mastermind Professional Guides have prepared a Manifest Mastermind Audio Guidance support each written Guidance Process you receive.

  • You will have assigned action steps following each recording to assist you in mastering this information.

  • You will receive a "follow me" outline in advance to help you follow the recorded call and for you to make your notes.

And......this is just the beginning!!

Sharing with you the energy of peace, happiness, prosperity.

Brian Campbell, Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

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