Imagine The Life of Your Dreams...The Financial Security and Lifestyle You Desire, The People You Love and Enjoy... Surrounding You, Living With Your Ideal Body and Vibrant Energy. Now Picture EVERYTHING You Want Showing Up and Experiencing Life Long Happiness and Prosperity!

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The Breakthough Manifestation Process Moves Way Beyond The Secret Law of Attraction into the depths of Ancient Wisdom confirmed by MODERN Scientific RESEARCH for Attracting Everything You Desperately Long For in your life is Finally being revealed!

Finally Succeed Financially

Are you overwhelmed, exhausted and discouraged with trying to get ahead financially, physically and emotionally?

Do You KNOW there has got to be a better way?

Are you tired of all the doom & gloom desperation being depicted by people you talk to and even see on the daily news?


You don't have to be the victim of external circumstances anymore. When you learn how to shift your thinking so that you naturally attract unlimited financial prosperity, perfect relationships, ideal health and spiritual fulfillment, you live life to the fullest!

Anyone who says "You Can't Have it ALL" is LYING TO YOU

You can absolutely have everything you desire right now!

Your beliefs determine your actions and your actions determine your results in life. There is a need like never before to start moving forward or let the world push you back.

To make permanent positive powerful change, you need to stop believing in the misinformed lies that you're continually receiving from the people that lack the very things you desire.

You need to surround yourself with like-minded people who are experiencing the same things you'd like to experience.

-> IF you want to become rich & financially free, you need to spend time with and get information from people focused on creating wealth, riches and freedom.

-> IF you want to attract a dream lover & romantic partner, you need to follow the methods discovered from people in long-term successful & fulfilling relationships.

-> IF you want to be in perfect health & vitally full of energy, you need to learn how to do this from people who are full & fit in life.

You need to join forces with like-minded individuals focused on creating an ideal lifestyle, people like those found at Manifest Mastermind.

You have the opportunity to immediately begin experiencing the most powerful integrated process available today for manifesting your dreams ever developed. Never before has such a value packed program been offered.

Manifest Mastermind has a single minded focus on one goal...Guiding You To Manifesting Your Dreams!

When you do, you are the are the example of what is possible.

We are experiencing massive success in many areas (see stories below). Now it's time YOU join us.

Discover The Manifest Mastermind Process Now!

Nothing is being withheld. You will now learn the complete Manifest Mastermind Process. You will know exactly what you will receive and what you can expect when you enter this process.

The Manifestation Formula Isn't Secret Anymore


There is No Secret! Your Thoughts become an Idea that if you put into Action it becomes Reality for you.

This is a complete formula that works 100%
of the time!

The Manifest Mastermind Process helps you focus your attention on manifesting your pure potentiality with accurate precision and is propelled by the collective energy of like-minded people.

Your natural tendencies, abiltities, and desires drive you to expressing your individual potentiality. This is why there are so many totally happy people in a large variety of positions in our world.

Why are there so many unhappy people in undesirable situations?

Our energy gets blocked when we become aligned with negative emotions. We often incorrectly think it is natural to be stressed, angry, depressed, or resentful.

Shattering these Limiting Beliefs releases the energy and restores the flow of unrestricted abundance. Keep reading to learn how this is possible for you...

"I Have Seen The Secret, Studied The Law of Attraction and Have Read Many of The Self-Help Books. How Is Manifest Mastermind Different From What I Have Already Learned?"

This is only the beginning. There is more to Manifesting than just the Law of Attraction. There is a more complete way...

Manifest All This and More!
yes Dream Job
yes Fantasy House
yes Favorite Car
yes Lucrative Business
Fulfill Your Personal Vision!
yes Financial Freedom
yes Doing what you love
yes Increased Productivity
yes Ideal Life Partner
Satisfy Your Desires!
yes New Friendships
yes Travel to Exotic Places
yes Freedom from addiction
yes More free time
Realize Your Intended Purpose!
yes Less Stress
yes Mental Focus
yes Direction in Life
yes Healing
Discover Personal Greatness!
yes Peace
yes Joy
yes Happiness
yes Hope
Become the Example!
yes Freedom
yes Making a Difference
yes Mastering a Skill
yes Fulfilling your Vision
Unlock Your True Potential!

Manifest Mastermind is a process that is founded on teaching correct principles, taking immediate focused inspired action and using the power of like minded individuals concentrated on the same areas as you. We personally have never seen anyone transform their lives simply by reading and studying without taking any action.

We have direct experience with achieving ideal circumstances financially, physically, and emotionally by focusing our attention, taking purposeful action and accelerating manifestation with the energy of like minded people.

The True Secret = Align with ALL Universal Laws

Universal Laws have always worked. They've been used for thousands of years by everyone who has ever been successful at anything during all times in human history.

When You Harmonize Your Thoughts & Feelings With Natural Laws:
  • poverty --> wealth
  • disease --> health
  • sadness --> happiness
  • frustration --> gratitude
  • bitterness --> forgiveness
  • fear --> courage
  • hate --> love
  • lack --> abundance
  • sorrow -->joy

Everything You Need is Already Within You Now! Your own inner resources are completely sufficient without any external guidance. You are however constantly being “distracted” by certain people, television programs and other messages that constantly divert your attention from your intended purpose. Remember "What you focus on expands."

Society is full of attention grabbing influences that compel you to act on thoughts that don't create what you want in life. With Manifest Mastermind you focus EXACTLY on what you want to create!

Manifest Mastermind is like a lens that focuses your energy and redirects your attention to the areas that you would like to make consistent progress in.

Magnetically Attract Your Intentions -
Creating the Experiences You Long For

When you align with Source energy you become a powerful magnet for attracting the things you desire.

When you connect with your Higher Self you can realize your infinite potential and channel unlimited inspiration into purposeful action.

By living with deliberate intent you Regain the Passion in Your Life Forever! This Allows your true purpose to manifest and allow unrestricted positive energy to flow through you with ease.

Manifesting your dreams and desires is what is important. This is all about you experiencing the life you know is your intention!

Where are You at in Your Life?

Everything you're currently experiencing is a direct result of your past thoughts and feelings. To experience profound permanent positive change, you must change your way of thinking & feeling forever.

This requires conscious and deliberate attention.

You MUST begin telling a new story about your life. This is done by mastering your inner dialogue. The outer world reflects the inner world. If you don't like the fruits, you need to look at the roots by carefully examining your thoughts, which is where everything intially starts to manifest.

How Much is Your Dream Life Worth?

If you had a clearly defined path to get everything you want in life that was guaranteed to deliver massive positive results, how much would that be worth to you? This is completely priceless to you!

Are you lacking money?

Would you like more money?

To receive more money, you need to invest your time, energy, money and resources in the right type of information and connections that will bring you more money. These resources are all available to you when you join Manifest Mastermind.

Are You Truly Committed to Success?

You can be successful and you deserve to be. All that is required is a true commitment on your part to succeed. Give yourself the tools you need to help you stay motivated and on course for what you know is not only possible, but inevitable in your life.

Think of all the things you're investing time and money in that are distracting you from your intended purpose. Chances are, you're spending more time and money on watching TV and entertainment than on growing personally to be able to afford everything you want to be in life!

Life was never meant to be a struggle!

“The Universe Wants Us to Experience Boundless Peace, Love & Joy. This is for EACH of US – Including YOU!”

When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony, and work toward a definite objective, they place themselves in position, through that alliance, to absorb power directly from the great universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence
Napolean Hill - author
Think & Grow Rich

Success is contingent upon the highest moral ideal, which is "The greatest good to the greatest number." Aspiration, desire and harmonious relations constantly and persistently maintained will accomplish results.
Charles Haanel - author
The Master Key System

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.
H.E. Luccock

Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.
The Bible - Matthew 18:19-20

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If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
Henry Ford
Automotive Pioneer

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
Andrew Carnegie
Industrial Billionaire

Within your mastermind group, you benefit from the other members who empower you and draw out your full talents, resources and abilities. They trigger, stimulate, and motivate you to become all you are capable of being. Participating in a mastermind group has been critical to me. I can't imagine achieving all I have without one, and it certaily made my goals happen much faster.
Jack Canfield - co-author
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Manifest Mastermind Offers You The Process For Being Your Intended Purpose, Manifesting Your Dreams and Removing Any Blockages To Achieving Those Dreams!

Mastermind =
like minded people + common purpose

You become the average of who you surround yourself with. How powerful would your life become if you were consistently engaged in Masterminding with people already amazingly successful in manifesting the SAME things you deeply desire?

Manifest Mastermind is incredibly powerful because it has already attracted the highest quality professional guides and coaches that deeply care about you and constantly intend for you to attain your dreams and desires.

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Experience the unlimited positive energy of receiving ongoing guidance by Manifest Mastermind Leaders & Members focusing on key primary areas of personal transformation. Every thing you're about to discover is 100% practical, useful and immediately accessible to you, and is based on real world life experience of Manifest Mastermind teachers.

Imagine having unlimited backstage access to powerful Mastermind Discussions from abundant-minded professional guides, coaches, visionaries and inspirational leaders.

Manifest Mastermind's Mission to Serve

Provide the greatest good to the greatest number of people by facilitating a spirit of harmony while working together to manifest their dreams and desires originating from their true purpose.

This happens on a personal level for you when you Manifest ALL of Your Dreams and Desires!

Our Mission Begins with You!

Manifest Mastermind gives you the exclusive opportunity to join groups of like minded people in structured Mastermind Groups while moving at your own pace! You will also have the ability to follow your own personal internal guidance process to experience profound change from within.

You'll benefit by the Mastermind every time you're in a lower energy state by naturally higher energy states - raising the peak vibrational abundance attraction levels for all.

Manifest Mastermind Maintains full fledged focus on continuous conscious co-creation.

Manifest Mastermind Will Help You To:
  • Define Exactly What You Want
  • Get Clarity on Life's Direction
  • Stop Subconsciously Sabotaging Success
  • Quit replaying past mistakes over and over again
  • Be your best self
  • Separate what you think you want from what you truly want
  • Break free from Stagnant energy patterns
  • Escape unintended consequences
  • Allow Perfection in Your Life

Using the Multiplier Effect For Powerful Results

Consider your most recent experience at a store where the person at the register greats you with a smile, asks you if you need any help with your packages and offers you a genuine wish for a wonderful day. You feel really good so when you are at your next stop you are smiling and wish that person a wonderful day. They then feel great and so on. So the cashier touched not just you by their positive energy but quite a few others.

Introducing Manifest Mastermind Professional Guides and Featured Members

Real World Proof of YOUR Mastermind's Masterful Manifesting Abilities

Uniquely Qualified Experience-Backed PROOF to HELP YOU MANIFEST THE SAME FOR YOURSELF:

  • A struggling pizza delivery guy who quickly created a multi-million dollar business from scratch starting with only $2 and an idea.
  • Former Chief Financial Officer responsible for managing the entire financial system for a 1.6 BILLION dollar company now intent on helping people prosper despite apparent external economic conditions.
  • An overweight shabby looking high-school nerd who awkwardly failed to get a single date for several years who deliberately changed his thoughts and suddenly starting being approached by and ended up dating multiple women simultaneously - later falling in love and marrying an absolute goddess with the same birthday! How's that for synchronicity?!
  • A peak performance fitness expert who has trained world-class triathletes, martial artists, & business executives for over 30 years to lose thousands of calories in minutes with revolutionary cutting edge documented breakthrough scientific research.

  • A Millionaire Commodities Trader who retired wealthy and gave up his livelihood to pursue a spiritual path and has attained higher levels of integrated cosmic consciousness.
  • Highly charismatic individuals that wield powerful influence in all relationships with people especially in business, romance, and friendship showing you how to move from surviving to thriving in both the boardroom and the bedroom!
  • A romance expert who has helped hundreds of thousands of people globally to attract the soul mate of their wildest dreams and avoid the countless dating scams plaguing the Internet.
  • Having failed many traditional diets, these Manifest Mastermind leaders lost over 95 pounds each safely, healthily, quickly and without struggle over a 9 month period and have kept the weight off.
  • A team of people who have over 10 and 20 years experience working with individual clients in helping them manifest all of their reams and desires.
  • A cocaine and heroin addicted junkie that was able to completely overcome addiction, become clean and sober and attract a millionaire mentor business coach for free once he learned to think a certain way.
  • A single father college student who was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA while raising twin daughters, working full time and tutored a D average student who never got higher than a C in math to get a perfect score in trigonometry with only 45 minutes of instruction and intention setting.
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  • A house that sold in less than 24 hours in a tough market with only 10 minutes of deliberate intention setting after sitting in a depressed real estate market for over 4 months with 6 other identical houses for sale on the same block! His was the ONLY house that sold in that neighborhood in 6 months!
  • A 7-figure business coach that successfully helps clients move from high reaching 6 figure earning capacities to break through plateaus and move beyond the infamous 7 figure mental earning barrier.
  • Highly lucrative business partnerships and various financial opportunities attracting dozens of complimentary skill sets benefitting thousands of people economically directly creating Manifest Mastermind itself!
  • A clinically depressed suicidal couch potato who was able to radically shift their mindset and move into love, peace, joy, success and completely shatter any form of depression, despair, sadness and grief forever.
  • A Master Manifestor that followed one easily effective process and was able to manifest over $100,000 in under forty days spending only 20 minutes a day practicing this spiritual secret.
  • Transformation from HATE into LOVE when a 9 year brutal one way directed bitterness from a former best friend was completely healed through an internal forgiveness process and reestablish a meaningful bond and affinity for each other.
  • Reinventing themselves after having experienced turmoil in their lives and finding the infinite divine energy to start life over again after having suffered pain, heartbreak, and financial losses.
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  • Moving from welfare in childhood to becoming a self made millionaire by adulthood.
  • Master Manifestors who achieve everything they put their minds to who are ready & willing to share their miracle manifesting mindsets with you!

You'll Be Directly Connected, Sharing Ideas, and Benefitting from Interacting Personally with these Highly Successful Conscious Co-Creators to help you achieve ANY GOAL you want to Manifest!

What you focus on expands. Like attracts like. This is the law of attraction. Through special subconscious programming processes and like minded intended influences the positive reinforcement & encouragement of the Mastermind stop you randomly repeating mistakes and start consciously creating miracles.

Delivery from Distraction

With the love and mutual support of the collective group energy you become fully empowered to intentionally integrate the accumulated wisdom for the amazing creation of your new life story.

By moving from knowledge to being through inspired action the result is full integration. This means that you automatically create the life you desire with minimal effort once the knowledge becomes subconscious.

Just like driving a car, riding a bike or speaking your native language, success becomes second nature for you.

Nobody is an Island. We are all connected.

The Universe is Naturally Abundant. There is plenty for everyone.

Do you believe this?

When you discover definite truth, lies lose all power over you.

By working together in a true spirit of harmony, nothing is impossible.

We are meant to harmonize with humanity. When you try to get only for yourself, you disconnect from spiritual abundance and fail to receive infinite blessings. You can reconnect right now, at this very moment and open the fabulous freeflowing floodgates of prosperity.


Unfortunately we've been pessimistically preconditioned to believe that for us to have something, someone else has to go without it. This forces us to secretly desire for other people to fail and go without.


Why wouldn't we want everyone on the entire planet to experience health, wealth, and happiness if we could experience it together?

The truth is that there are plenty of natural resources on planet earth.

There is enough space in North America alone for every living soul on earth to have over an acre of land! The food produced in the United States alone can feed everyone (if people consumed food conscientiously and shared without fear or hoarding from others).

Only by hoarding, monopolizing, restricting, taxing, and blocking access to these resources is scarcity created. Diamonds, oil and land appear scarce because access to them has been restricted by people who want to obtain power of others.

Abundance is natural, it's humans who have created scarcity. With Manifest Mastermind you'll learn to undo these limiting beliefs and release their power over you.

“The World NEEDS a Dramatic (radical) Shift in Consciousness. It's up to You to Reach Your Highest Potential for the Good of all Humanity”

Pessimism about the future of the planet is simply rooted in old-fashioned obsolete beliefs that are now changing. When you join Manifest Mastermind you'll be part of the solution to the endless insanity of selfish thinking and reap the bountiful blessings of creating value for yourself and others.

Escape the Illusion of Scarcity and Experience Abundance with Manifest Mastermind

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Scarcity is rooted in spiritual weakness. Just as our bodies need muscular strength training, we can benefit from spiritual strength training.

The spiritual and mental conditioning process includes:

  • Reading Books
  • Listening to Inspirational Audios
  • Watching enlightening Movies and/or TV programs (few of these exist currently)
  • Studying Success Stories of people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish and emulating their efforts
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded people
  • Giving what you'd like to receive
  • Leveraging the energies, intentions and efforts of others

Manifest Mastermind Introduces The Totally Integrated Process For Turning Your Dreams To Reality...

With traditional study methods you typically have moments of understanding, inspiration and insight, but since you don't make the information part of your inner being, you lack permanent positive change.

With the Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process and added resources, you completely integrate, infuse, incorporate subconsciously every insight and inspired idea so you attain lifelong lasting mastery.

The Manifest Mastermind process incorporates hands-in, action oriented, interactive processes which include multimedia audio, video, and written training materials as well as real life experiential systems involving self-study and interpersonal direct mastermind connections.

The link between Your Spiritual Connection to Source Energy and the Physical Connection to Eachother has finally been established with Manifest Mastermind Membership!

Manifest Mastermind is a totally integrated process, which includes the following useful and compelling features:

Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process

Manifest Mastermind is centered around a core Guidance Process created specifically to optimize the rapid manifestation of your dreams and desires by removing internal blockages and working with other people harmoniously.

You're only 37 Days Away From Having all the tools you need to manifest ANY Dream and ALL Desires

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The Manifest Mastermind community, mastermind groups, private professional guidance, declarations to the Universe, personal vision profiles, treasure chest, and professional mastermind sessions are all centered around the continuous guidance process.

Why 37 days?

It's scientifically proven that it takes about 37 days to form a new habit.

What you habitually think about is what you attract to you. In only 37 days your brain can be completely rewired for perpetual abundance automatically.

Once you complete the initial 37 day sequence, you enter another 37 day acceleration phase where deeper integration takes place. This process continues until you subconsciously master your vibrational energy patterns to effortlessly fulfill your intentions.

Life is meant to be a Journey. With new experiences come new challenges and new desires. You will never reach a stage where achieving higher levels of peace, joy and happiness would not benefit you. You Deserve This!

Manifest Mastermind is an accelerated manifesting process where in the first 37 days you will receive the foundation materials you need to kick start the manifesting process.

Following the foundation period, you will receive clarifying guidance materials every month and you will receive live mastermind audio sessions that further guide your manifesting process.

The first guidance lesson starts with helping you clearly define your dreams. This is not just some goal setting exercise. This is a process of no limit dream definition with a unique emphasis completely unavailable with other programs.

Available exclusively when you:
Become a Manifest Level Member Today

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Professional Mastermind Sessions

As part of Manifest Mastermind's integrated learning approach, you'll receive recorded Mastermind Sessions conducted between our professional guides, featured members, and guest experts.

The recorded mastermind sessions allow you to experience a deeper, more thorough understanding of the Manifest Mastermind guidance process received several days prior to receiving the mastermind sessions.

Available exclusively when you:
Become a Manifest Level Member Today

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Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest

The Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest is your own personal knowledge integration toolkit.

With each powerfully profound personal insight you receive as a member of Manifest Mastermind, you'll know exactly how to record your accumulated wisdom so it becomes a permanent part of your manifesting mindset.

Imagine how poerful it will be to have a resource guide detailing everything you learn along your transofrmative journey to enlightened practical prosperity.

With the Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest, you'll have a precious gem that you'll keep close to your heart and by your side for the rest of your life!

Available exclusively when you:
Become a Manifest Level Member Today

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Social Mastermind Network

Manifest Mastermind's single minded focus is to connect you with the people, tools and resources so you manifest ALL of your dreams and desires.

With the "Social Mastermind Network" you have access to:

  • Your own Personal Vision Profile
  • Start Your own Mastermind Groups on ANY topic to attract people that will help you manifest your goals
  • Participate in interactive discussions centered around the Manifest Mastermind guidance process for all key areas of life (money, love, health, spiritual, significance, peace, joy, happiness)
  • Shared Intentions Program connects you with other people intending to manifest similar dreams and desires to your own personal vision.
  • Declarations to the Universe - powerful intention setting process for rapidly getting clarity and momentum towards your intentions.

Available exclusively when you:
Become a Manifest Level Member Today

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Personal Vision Profiles

Your Personal Vision Profile is your online vision board that will attract your dreams and desires through the expectations of other Manifest Mastermind members.

A key to manifesting is that you get what you expect to get.

Your Personal Vision Profile sets the expectation among the collective mastermind energy for you to manifest in accordance with this intention

The Personal Vision Profile is a proprietary manifestation technology created by Manifest Mastermind, not available anywhere else, and is a key component of the Manifest Mastermind Process.

Available exclusively when you:
Become a Manifest Level Member Today

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Declarations to the Universe

Acting according to your intentions is an essential part of the manifesting process. It is our intention to give you all of the helpful tools that will make this happen for you.

When you declare your intentions to the Universe publicly it sets in motion powerful energetic forces that compel your dreams and desires to you.

Publicly Declartions have played a crucial role in the success of Manifest Mastermind coming together along with the personal success of it's founders, professional guides and featured members.

This is an extremely effective feature offered through Manifest Mastermind for your benefit.

Available exclusively when you:
Become a Manifest Level Member Today

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Shared Intentions

Picture for a moment having all of your dreams and desire fulfilled. Perhaps you're in your favorite holiday getaway retreat with special loved ones laughing and enjoying carefree success.

Now imagine an entire community community of ultra-successful Master Manifestors holding the SAME intention for your desires. When two or more people come together and share the SAME intentions, the Universe goes to work swiftly to bring the intended result.

Through Manifest Mastermind you'll have access to sharing your intentions through an innovatively interactive system that brings together the power of multiple minds for the attainment of your dreams and desires.

Available exclusively when you:
Become a Manifest Level Member Today

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Manifestation Resource Library

A Constantly expanding Treasure Trove of Insightful Articles, reports, eBooks, videos and Special Sessions Designed to Fuel Your Manifestation Results. With access to this extremely valuable collection of materials you'll be able to dip into the well spring any time you want freshly inspired new energy to absorb.

Available exclusively when you:
Become a Manifest Level Member Today

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Check Your own Guidance Process
and you'll always take advantage of opportunities to soar

Transformation Beings the Instant You Decide to Change. You Can be Your Best Self NOW. This is Your Divine Inheritance.

=> You simply have to receive it.

When you stop subconsciously sabotaging yourself, you say Goodbye to Perpetual Scarcity and Hello to Everlasting Abundance Forever!

True Success is Spiritual. Buy participating in the Mastermind you get what you want AND get to help others. How amazing is that?

This is a turning point for you. Your Life Will Never be the same. The universe is nudging you right now to:

STOP being paralyzed by FEAR! START deliberately creating your LIFE!

It's ok to ask for help. We are here to serve you. Stop trying to fight the infinite tide & allow yourself to go with the flow. Why sink when you can soar?

Pay close attention to Synchronicities that lead you to this website. What solutions have you been seeking? How do you feel you can grow from this amazing opportunity? Follow Your Inner Guidance (Heart) and the correct answer is now clear.

Your experience will be your proof! Only you can know this for yourself with absolute certainty. Give yourself the gift of experiencing your dreams and desires.

What's wrong is always available. So is what's right!

If this is so powerful,
why are you sharing it?

The Universe is naturally abundant. Many people logically believe this, but few actually act with authenticity in incorporating these intentions into their lives. It's another positive reinforcement of our own beliefs of abundance when we see other people succeeding around us.

You should feel comfortable buy now surrounding yourself with like minded successful people.

Start associating with Master Manifestors and receiving massively more abundance by joining Manifest Mastermind today!

WARNING: "This Sounds Impossible"

If you're not used to what we call "No-Limit" thinking, this could sound too good to be true. This is because you've been limited to being surrounded with people who have blocked your success when you accept their limited thinking.

With Manifest Mastermind nothing is impossible for you! NOTHING! You'll constantly be supported, uplifted & encouraged with empowering information, resources & connections that show you the infinite possibilities the Universe holds for you.

You've gotten to where you're at today by believing that true success & happiness is impossible.

Make the shift from impossible to possible and join Manifest Mastermind today!

Still Skeptical?

The Manifest Mastermind Process works! You need to experience it for yourself to believe it. Manifest Mastermind's focus is on allowing you to receive the experience of manifesting your dreams and desires as we have. We've removed any barriers that stand in the way and have made becoming a Manifest Mastermind Member available to anyone with particpation levels custom fit to your personal intentions.

Supreme Soul Satisfaction Guaranteed for Radical Life Transformation

Everything included with each Manifest Mastermind Membership Level is designed for your supreme soul satisfaction. We offer you the ability to test drive your membership for the first 30 days for only $1! If you're not absolutely thrilled with all of the tools and resources available, you may cancel your membership at any time.

It is our intention that once you get your Manifest Mastermind Membership Access, you'll be supremely satisfied.

It's impossible to put a price tag on you living your ideal dream life. This is totally priceless to you.

We absolutely guarantee that you'll receive at least twice as much (200%) value than what you invest in your Manifest Mastermind Membership. These tools are going to revolutionarily transform your life as soon as you begin to use them.

The increased value in your life will manifest in a multitude of miraculous ways.

You'll notice money flowing to you more easily, new friendships & relationships, physical benefits, increased energy, more happiness & joy, and many other wonderful benefits.

Your membership will completely pay for itself with the increase of your total life experience.

We're so convinced that you'll find such incredible value with your membership that we're going to allow you to experience all of these resources for THIRTY (30) FULL DAYS FOR ONLY $1!!!

This way you bypass all risk and allow yourself the freedom to make a choice that's right for you based on accurate information. YOU GET TO SEE FOR YOURSELF THAT THIS IS AN AMAZING PROGRAM THAT YOU'LL BENEFIT FROM TREMENDOUSLY.

This is intended to be one of the best deals you'll ever find! Our mission is to help you achieve your pure potential. For Only ONE Dollar ($1) you can immediately shift your path to total abundance. Couldn't you use more abundance in your life?


"Remember that using the Law of Attraction in your life is a work in progress. I want you to wake up every day excited about your plans, with as much money as you desire rolling in and all your relationships filling you up. Know that you have the power to be completely relaxed and at ease because the only actions for you to take from now on are those that come from inspiration and joy. I want you to see life as a delightful game and to remember it is okay if you don't get it right every time. Keep looking for ways to enjoy the journey. Be willing to ask for what you want. Be willing to focus on what you want. As you do, you will become masterful at creating the best vision for your life you can possibly imagine. My wish for you is to be happy, healthy, wealthy, vital and alive; to live a life of freedom, joy and prosperity; to know your worth and value in this world and allow your self to bask in the love that surrounds you."

Eva Gregory - Master Law of Attraction Expert & Manifest Mastermind Guide

"Deliberate manifestation is a fantastic idea. One of the most powerful experiences I have had of this was when I had arranged to run a training course on the law of attraction. I thought I need to manifest something to use as an example on the course highlighting the Law of Attraction. I thought “what do I want”, the immediate thought that came to mind was, “I want to be on the TV demonstrating the techniques I know”, by the time I got home I opened up my email box and instantly spotted an email from a TV company asking me whether I wanted to be on their show. Now you could look at that as a coincidence however the odds of that happening at that moment in time must be quite astronomical."

Tania Prince - Master EFT Practioner & Manifest Mastermind Guide

With Manifest Mastermind, you receive a totally integrated process.

  • THIS IS NOT one-way information that is simply broadcast to you
  • THIS IS NOT a course that you read or listen to once and then put on your shelf to collect dust forever
  • THIS IS NOT a seminar that you attend, get excited about, and then it wears off a week later
  • THIS IS NOT just something that you're going to benefit from only once
  • THIS IS A REAL-INTERACTIVE PROGRAM designed to get you real results rapidly

You have 24/7 access to the highly interactive social mastermind network where you can mastermind with people who share your goals so you can experience better results more quickly.

You get a constant flow of positive information charged with off the charts inspirational energy delivered to you in the proper sequence so that you have absolutely everything that you need to know to stay focused on everything you need to do, in order to get everything that you want.

There simply isn't ANY OTHER resource out there for you that is this focused on transforming every area of your life into the EXACT vision you have for yourself.

When you surround yourself with the right information, energy, and people you can't help but get to where you want to go faster than if you tried to do it all alone.

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Manifest Level Membership
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Manifesting your dreams and desires has never been easier than before. With the Guidance Process, and Mastermind Session Recordings, you'll integrate all of the tools necessary to attract whatever you want in life. The Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest, gives you the ability to systematically train your subconscious mind instilling beliefs that will serve you. The Social Mastermind Network, Personal Vision Profiles, Declarations to the Universe, and Shared Intentions give you many interactive ways to benefit from the colloective group energy of the Mastermind. And you'll also receive the Manifestation Resource Library so you have a constant inflow of inspiration whenever you want some fresh, new insight into manifesting your dreams.

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Success is a Puzzle

True success is not just financial. All the money in the world is meaningless if you aren't healthy enough to enjoy it. And what good is money and health if you don't have people who you love to share your massive success with? Even an ideal lifestyle externally without a meaningful spiritual life can be completely unfulfilling.

You Deserve EVERYTHING You Desire

Everything in nature is naturally abundant. It was put here for our enjoyment.

Make Attraction Automatic

The Law of Attraction works 100% of the time - IT NEVER FAILS! It always delivers to you exactly what you focus your attention on. The reason why you may be experiencing less than desirable results right now is because your focus has not been consistent.

You need to have an automatic attraction process so you stay focused on and constantly attract what you want. If you lose focus, you'll never gain what you want.

The resources Manifest Mastermind has for you provide the automatically consistent flow of information and inspiration so you not only what you need to know, but are also reminded what to do so you get exactly what - AUTOMATICALLY!

You won't need to constantly remind yourself with this powerful resource, you'll automatically be delivered everything you need in the proper sequence as you need it so you experience continual growth towards attaining your most passionate dreams and desires.