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A featured professional is in the business of life coaching, intuitive guidance, spiritual healing, channeling and related highly specialized services. Manifest Mastermind featured professionals are carefully chosen for the value they add to the mission of Manifest Mastermind.

The Manifest Mastermind mission is to provide guidance on how to manifest or create your dreams and desires. Our mission's goal is for you to create the lifestyle of your dreams as defined by you.  

Founding Principle/Mantra "The Greatest Good For
the Greatest Number of People". 

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"I have been personally coached by each professional featured. The experiences or the benefits have been awesome. When you take the time to select the professional that is a match for you, the results you will experience will be amazing. 

Members of Manifest Mastermind receive special pricing from each of the professionals featured.  Be sure to identify yourself as an active member of Manifest Mastermind for special pricing on all services.  All others are welcome and encouraged to contact the professional of your choice. Hint: if you join Manifest Mastermind, the discount you receive from our featured professionals usually will pay for your membership for at least a month."

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

Your Invitation to Anita's Network. Release Your Seatbelts

Anita teaches “Sacred EFT” – combining EFT with Light Healing to individual clients and groups in healing workshops, prayer groups and Light Healing Circles. 

Anita channels powerful Spirit Guides to clarify and give insights, and has focused to fine-tune and simplify ways to use Sacred Light as a healing tool. This practice, combined with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help clear old physical and emotional “stuck” patterns and aid people in maintaining good physical and emotional health.

Anita Casalina - Spiritual and Intuitive Healer. Channel 

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Life can be challenging at times, even down right difficult.
It is easy to fall into the negativity of what we perceive to BE the hurt, pain, insecurity, facing WE, in our lives.

“WORRY” “STRESS” “ANXIETY” of what WILL BE, can tend to get all too consuming….Yet, this is about that which MAY be, not that which IS, and thus Illusory.

There is a way out, reprieve from the negativity, a light by which to see, out of the darkness to the TRUTH of WE, Miracles of Light and LOVE

Roni Lipstein - Founding Angel at Soul's Sanctuary, Enlightened Guide, Numerology, Card Reading, Nutritional Counseling

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Unleash the Hero Inside You!

We've become passive, weak, unhappy and resentful adults lacking any true self-confidence or belief in ourselves.  We still live as children, expecting approval that never comes.  We spend our time living a virtual 'reality', sitting in front of the television watching others attempt the things we wish we could bring ourselves to do.  We pack movie theatres watching characters in Gladiator, Braveheart and 300 live strong, powerful lives, thirsting to experience the excitement of living life, not just surviving life.

You crave to live heroically Your time is now.  Where will you start?

David Di Francesco - The Living Warrior 

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Know There Are No Limits

I am me...I Gratefully Invite You to take the Time to See...all that you are meant to Be... Through the Joy of Living Free; Mentally-Physically-Emotionally and Spiritually... embrace the sight to see you can be... Whatever YOU want with Excited Glee!


Bonnie Knill - Spiritual Healer, Psychic,  Kundalini Energy,  Ho'oponopono

Bonnie's time is very limited resulting from the healings she has facilitated. She is very dedicated to Manifest Mastermind and as asked that I help coordinate her schedule.

For More Information Please Email Steve Pohlit

Mind Body Spirit Integration
My mission is to empower you to become the absolute best version of yourself. The journey begins with one step… it would be my honor to be a part of your self discovery and achievement of your goals. I work with clients over the internet, the telephone and in person.  I offer many different modalities that are available as stand alone therapies or blended to suit your situation and goal.


Moira Hutchison - Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Healing, Card Readings 

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Connect With The Transformational Energy of Abbe

What stands between you and your dreams? 
Do you make excuses for why you can’t be who you want to be? 
Do you postpone what you really want? 
Do you let earlier experiences inhibit your ability to function now? 
Would you make more changes if you could count on someone’s 
support along the way?

Abbe Anderson - Astrologer, Transformational Coach

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